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As islanders, the people of Fiji have developed strong connections with the ocean that surrounds them. Fishing, transport, trade and warfare all being influenced in varying ways. Even the people of the interior of the larger islands were dependent upon trade with the coastal communities for salt, tabua and other essentials

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Situated in the heart of the Suva Botanical Gardens. The Museum host an extraordinary collection of archeological finding dating back to 3,700 years. The Museum holds in its collection objects from Fiji’s indigenous and migrant communities.

Experience the legacy of the Colonial times while taking a stroll through the Thurston Gardens. The garden holds an abundance of European flora and tree life with sections that expose a diversity of indigenous tropical flora. Relish the serenity and quiet of the beautiful surroundings while inhaling the fragrances of full blown flowers in contrast to the tangy, salty scent of the ocean.

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