Are You Planning To Stay In Nadi Or The Sigatoka / Coral Coast Corridor

This 7 hour private tour is best suited For You

The 7 Hour “Discover Coral Coast Tour” is a private guided tour is completely up to you, you choose where to go and what to see. Pick up time for this tour is any time you like. The idea is to look through all the options below and have a think about what you would like to see. Then on the day you’ll discuss your preferences directly with your guide and he/she will then advise you on the best way to do the tour. Please be careful if your tour is on a Sunday as some options are not available.

This tour is always available, no need to check availability, we have plenty of cars and lots of excellent guides on hand. All our vehicles are modern and come air-conditioning. All prices are per vehicle, not per person.

What’s included in your tour…
    • Comfortable, modern, fully air conditioned vehicle
    • Driver and separate local guide who speaks English
    • Travel to sightseeing places as described below
    • For your group only, this is not a shared tour
    • Pick up and drop off inside the wharf at times to suit you
    • Bottle of water per person included
    • Your guide can suggest on the day the best options for sightseeing especially if no strenuous physical activity is required or you can request what you want instead.
    • Lunch is not included
    • Payment is made in full at time of booking – no extra fees or credit card charges
    • No minimum or maximum numbers, any number is fine
    • Entry fees are not included and only accepted in Fijian Dollars
    • Foreign exchange office hours are normally 9:00am – 5:00pm on Monday – Friday and located near the port or ATM machines
    • Any travel outside Nadi / Lautoka / Suva town area will cost extra
    • 100% refund if your tour is cancelled due to your ship not docking because of bad weather

    Here’s a list of all the things to see and do for a tour. On the day just pick what you want to do and your guide will take you there depending on the time allowed. All entry fees will be at your own cost. Your guide can stop at an ATM machine if needed.

Sightseeing options…
  • Sigatoka Town + Lookout: wander around the market to see the wide
    variety of tropical fruits, root crops including yagona roots (kava) and
    spices, freshwater mussels, fish etc also visit the small but unique shops in town.
  • Sand Dunes: take the 1 hour walk or the 2 hour walk to explore this
    unique ecosytem.
  • Kula Eco Park: visit it to see the amazing reptiles,
    bird life, amphibians, tropical fish, th Fiji flying fox, insects,
    butterflies and a large variety of trees and shrubs.
  • Lawai Village: visit this village to see the amazing display of pottery and to learn more about Fiji’s pottery history.
  • Biasevu Village: visit here to see to breath-taking 20 metre waterfall.
  • Maui Bay: look at some of the most beautiful souvenirs at Maui Bay shops.
Places to stop for food…
  • Natadola Golf Club
  • Kula Eco Park
  • Sitar Restaurant
  • Bedarra Beach Inn Resort
  • Casablanca Resort
  • Beach Cocomo Cafe
  • Eco Cafe, Fiji
  • We have personally been to all of these places above and recommend all of them.

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